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Maintenance jobs can be dispatched to SMIL players by designating a TaskSchedule subscription within the SMIL script's header section. For example:

    <x-server xmlns="">

To initiate device configuration, the player must be issued a SMIL script with a TaskSchedule subscription in the head section. The subscription contains a URL that points to a taskSchedule.xml file that looks like the following:

<taskSchedule xmlns="">
    <firmware trigger="alignDailyReboot | immediately">
      <source>http://server/ |</sοurce>
  • 'trigger' parameter will be set to "immediately" if user doesn't provide trigger value in xml.
  • Source: a URL or file name that points to a OTA firmware zip file provided by your device vendor.
  • contentChecksum: MD5 checksum of the firmware package
  • Optional tag -- the firmware should be downloaded from server if <foo> tags listed at below is empty or doesn't exist in this xml. Firmware should auto avoid to check information from zip and avoid upgrade process if information is invalid after downloaded.
    • <model> tag is optional.
    • <buildTime> tag is optional
    • <contentLength> tag is optional.